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Gratitude, Community and Pie

I have had two market days since my last post, and now that these are done, I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my surrounding community. It all started with my first major hick-up as a cottage food vendor, and it… Read More

My First Market Day Sells Out

Lakebilly Pies at the Mundelein Farmers Market What a whirlwind! I had my first market on June 12 and brought 30 pies with me. In about an hour and a half I was sold out. If you have followed me up to… Read More

The Brewer and the Baker

The love of my life, 1,000 dollars and a dream

Starting Your Own Cottage Food Business

Starting your own cottage food business, getting started is the hardest part. Thank you cottage food law! I have always wanted to start my own business. As much as baking has been my passion, being an entrepreneur has also been a dream of… Read More

Pie Philosophy

I’m a believer in sharing passions. What is better than helping someone else master the trade you have put so much time into? I want those who are interested in learning about pies and baking to study, experiment and figure out their… Read More